Asherah haElah - 'Asherah, the Goddess’ reconstructs the original Hebrew text of Proverbs 31:28

Asherah ha elah ~ Asherah haElah ~ 
" ' Asherah, the Goddess', is a short movie which presents a conjectural reconstruction of the original Hebrew text of Proverbs 31:28.
One of the most common methods which was used by the priestly editors of the Tanakh (the basis of "the Old Testament") in order to obfuscate all traces of earlier polytheistic tradition was to replace words which they intended to suppress with others that had similar-sounding syllables. . . .

The memory of Asherah was never fully erased from Jewish mystical tradition.
It resurfaces in Qabalistic works such as the Pardes Rimmonim ("The Orchard of Pomegranates") and the Book of Zohar as one of the earliest names of the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit who is the Bride of God.
The Shekinah is still invoked in Sabbath hymns which contain the chorus of "Bo-i Kallah, Shekinah" (come to us, O Bride, Shekinah)."
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