Asherah is Wisdom

Asherah as Wisdom

~ Wisdom is Asherah ~
“I was the one who was a partner by his side.
I was the one of his delight.” – Wisdom as Asherah in Proverbs

Doctor of Theology and pastor, Andrew Stehlik, discusses Asherah's submerged role in patriarchal religions disguised as Lady Wisdom: “Did YHWH have a wife?”

Asherah & Yahweh Inscriptions

Kuntillet Ajrud’s and Khirbet el-Qom’s Asherah and Yahweh Inscriptions are presented in a  YouTube video here (4-minute). 

"Asherah Uncovered" at Mythicist Milwaukee

Listen to Mythicist Milwaukee’s radio interview on 
“Uncovering Lady Asherah.”  
The video includes numerous images, pictures and information on Asherah (and other topics).   

Asherah’s Kingly Servants

Asherah’s Kingly Servants - King Hammurabi and King Abdi-Ashirta are presented
here in a YouTube video (2-minute).

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