I bless you by Yahweh of Teman and his Asherah

Teman KA Q for p

This Kuntillet Ajrud, Hebrew blessing inscription is 1 of 3 dedications pairing Yhwh with Asherah 4 times. 

Kuntillet Ajrud was an Israelite-Judaean Sinai way-station with an attached shrine and "religious center." (Although a southern complex under Israelite control, neutron analysis of Ajrud's storage jars reveal they were produced by Judaeans around the Jerusalem area, affirming it had a far reaching northern presence.)

Dating to ~830-760 BCE, Ajrud's blessing inscriptions constitute the "oldest known Hebrew dedicatory inscriptions" discovered to date.

The provocative nature of Ajrud's inscriptions challenged previous convictions of Yahwehistic monotheism, making it perhaps "the most widely discussed and controversial find in the history of Israelite archaeology.”
Although discovered almost 40 years ago in 1975-1976, the inscriptions remain largely unacknowledged. -History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

God’s Wife was the Goddess Asherah - Nova

Yahweh & Asherah Seal pic

Worshipped by the ancient Israelites, archaeological evidence reveals God's wife was the Goddess Asherah.

Nova explores this question at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PsmsJkpuzY

For more information about this ancient seal see History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah.

Pillar Figurines - Epiphanies of Asherah

6.1p Asherah Pillar Figurines

Epiphanies of the goddess Asherah, over ~3,000 of these 'pillar figurines' have been discovered throughout Judah.

Personifications of the Mother Goddess Asherah, they date to ~900-750 BCE. -History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

"Did God Have a Wife?" - Prof. Dever on YouTube

Dever Youtube 251

Comparing the religious practices of ordinary people versus the biblical writers, author and Professor William G. Dever presents an illustrated lecture showcasing archaeological “differences in beliefs and practices of ordinary people in ancient Israel compared to the elitist, idealist portrait in the Bible, particularly the ongoing veneration of the Canaanite Goddess Asherah.” -YouTube Description.

 The Tenenbaum Family Lectureship in Judaic Studies sponsored Professor Dever’s presentation at Emory University. 
Dever is a former archaeologist and Professor at Hebrew University, the Distinguished Visiting Professor of Lycoming College and the Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies of Arizona State University.


Asherah as Queen of Heaven

6.5.2t Asherah as Q of H250

Holding star flowers, a multi-winged crowned goddess is depicted on this Hebrew seal impression.

Although discovered at an unknown provenance in Syro-Palestine, an inscription on this seal paleographically identifies it as Hebrew.
The astral flowers are an epiphany of the goddess Asherah(/Astarte/Ishtar) in her aspect as the Queen of Heaven.

[Throughout antiquity the Queen of Heaven personifies the maternal transmission of blessings and vital life forces.]
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

Asherah/Cybele in Chariot Drawn by Lions - Masonic Image

Vestiges of submerged, historical traditions are reflected in this Masonic depiction, 
including an image of a goddess in a chariot drawn by lions with a reference to Asherah or Cybele. 
-History’s Vanquished Goddess Asherah

Masonic Ash & Cybele Lions

'Images of Asherah' at Biblical Archaeology Review

KA Asherah as Lion Lady 251

"Was Yahweh Worshipped as the Sun?"
Published by the Biblical Archaeology Society, this Biblical Archaeology Review article contains a section on "Images of Asherah." 


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