There is no longer any doubt.
Archaeological and historical information clearly attest to extensive worship of the Great Mother Goddess Asherah.
Some of her epithets include:

Ancient texts contain many epithets for the Goddess Asherah:
"Great Mother Goddess”
"Creator of Vegetation and Life”
"Queen of Heaven”
"Lady who Treads on the Sea”/Walks on Water 
"Mother of the Gods”
“Hebrew Goddess” 
“Vital Force of Nature” 
"Lion Lady”
"the One of the Serpent.”


There is no longer any doubt.

Through archaeology and the historical record, 
this book conclusively attests to the 
worship of the Hebrew Mother Goddess Asherah.

Extensively researched and referenced, the archaeological and historical evidence includes:
555 original drawings,
1,183 references,
183 mini-maps and
274 Similar Iconographic/Historic Associations. 

1 Asherah Scroll

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